Why Yoga Trek in Nepal

Mount Trails | Local Experts January 26, 2017

Why yoga and trekking is good to recharge your body?

Everyone love traveling through wilderness in remote countryside, high elevations and get lost in Nature and gets connected. Nepal is perfect place in the world for Yoga at the same time trekking In Himalayas. Birthplace of Buddha, homeland of top of the world, Rhododendron forests, mountain kingdom,  authentic villages and freshness in country with fresh air and the best view. This is all we need to connect ourselves to boost energy for our system so that we can say the only we can recharge our body is get connect in nature (trekking and do yoga). It is good idea adding up yoga on your trekking itinerary which would be good way to keep ourselves active healthy lifestyle. Yoga is not only makes you physically fit but also keeps you mentally and emotionally balanced in your life. Trek in high Himalayas is quite tiring outdoor activities, we might be so tired physically and mentally so Yoga on trek would make you feel better with full power (recharge our body) It helps us to encourage us to trek further and finish the trek without any problem.

When we have sometime where we will be staying in lodge, we will start up with some yoga stretching which helps us to make more active and we know that it’s always good to stay active instead of being lazy lying on bed.If you want to trek in Nepal in different (yoga trek in Nepal) you are feel free to contact with our trekking expert @ mounttrails@gmail.com . In our trekking packages we will add on yoga in the lap of nature under Himalaya. You do not have to worry if you are beginner or new to yoga, this would be an opportunity for you to learn and experience the active healthy activities add up while you are on trekking.  We will be doing meditation, breathing, enchanting OM in the nature under the open sky surrounded by best Mountain View and amazing landscapes.

Yoga Trek in Nepal combing with some sightseeing in nature is the best way to experience in Nepal. It will be a sacred trip exploring yoga as well as adventure. Yoga offers whatever you are looking for such as weight loss, flexible body, beautiful glowing skin, peaceful mind and strong health to keep you active healthy lifestyle. Recharge your body with yoga and trekking journey to Nepal with new experience of lifetime. Do you have any question about  Yoga trip to Nepal or Trekking plus yoga Trek?  Please feel free talk with our adventure consultant @ mounttrails@gmail.com  whatsapp for quick question,  +9779851169212. Please do let us know about you trip to Nepal , we are so much happy to answer your question and help you design a trip as per your time frame and interest  to best meet your needs.