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Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Helicopter tour in Nepal is one of the fastest and quickest ways to explore the beautiful Himalayas in Nepal.

Helicopter tour is the best opportunity to explore the mountainous region in a single day and suitable for those who are interested to explore more in less time. This tour will let you explore above the towering mountains of Nepal. The Nepal helicopter tour starts from Kathmandu and ends at the destination of your choice and helicopter tour in Nepal price depends on a helicopter as a private or sharing basis.

Ditch the hassle of exploring the trip in a group or family. Individual or solo travelers can also enjoy or join helicopter trip Nepal on a group sharing basis in fixed departure. The great views of towering mountains, surrounded glaciers, and the fresh air of the mountain region will make you feel the real adventure.

Helicopter ride in Nepal offers an iconic and Ariel views of towering mountains, glaciers, valleys, and hills. It’s an ideal choice to feel the adventure like in movies. Your trip can’t be adventurous until and unless you feel about it. Nepal helicopter tour is a better version of exploring the mountainous region and Everest helicopter tours in Nepal are the most frequently explored trip in Nepal.

Most of the people would prefer to explore Everest, Gosaikunda, Lagtang, Annapurna and Mountain flight by Helicopter. Hence here are the most popular packages of Helicopter tours in Nepal.