Shey Phoksundo Lake in Dolpo

Dolpo Region Trekking

The Dolpo region trekking of Nepal is noted for its unspoiled beauty and rugged landscape, and is where one still has an opportunity to experience indigenous societies almost untouched by modern times. The trek travels from 1650 meters (5,412ft) to 5136 meters (16,846ft) above the sea level, and crosses a number of challenging passes. Starting from the lowland Dolpo region and passing through luxurious valleys alongside precipitous river gorges, the trek then crosses a high pass into the unique upper Dolpa region of the Tibetan plateau. Here, one encounters Tibetan Buddhist cultures. Legend says that the Dolpo region was formed by famed Guru Rinpoche as a haven for those of extremely pure mind and the spirituality. It is a rare opportunity to visit these isolated secret destinations where Buddhist monuments, Himalayan culture and unique human civilization are found at high altitudes.Trekking around the Dolpo region is a memorable life time adventure. You will have the chance to see rain-shadow landscapes, stunning mountain visions, luxuriousgreen forests, gorgeous wild flowers, Himalayan blue sheep and birds, all in this remote and fascinating region of Nepal.