Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Mount Trails always aim to support and promote the poor communities, environment and poor kids in remote sector through our social responsiblites which is the integration of business operations and values. Mount Trails to encourage the cultural preservation of indigenous people of the rural nepal, through education, community development, and social outreach up there. 

We belive to make a different and directly impact on evnironemnt, poor communities and their lives in Nepal.


Mount Trails team  link up to delivers hundreds of desperately needed warm clothos and stationary packs for extremely remote villages and poor communities school kids in Bandipur and Riepe village. we also link up volunteeres so that children in those villages have the opportunity to fulfil their dreams by learning from our international volunteers. We are dedicated to improving the life and choices of children in remote sector of Nepal through the ongoing development of local, quality education. 


It is very suprising to know the fact that kids absent in school because of dirty and unfirltered wataer which caused students lots water born illness and also not haveing proper tiole and bathroom at school. Mount Trails associated with Backpacking 4 betty  and Lets Go Cool supporting on pure drinking water filteres projects. We distributed water filtration sysptem with the mission of providing safe drinking water to poor communitied schools for students. We hope that Water filtration system will cure the water born illness.


Our plan is to provide a hand-up not a hand-out.

Mount Trails actively encouraged local community children abilities, benefits to better quality education by involving on some camping with internation volunteers. We aim to change that to bring quality education and make them active to the remote Nepali villages so that their children can flourish, learn new skills, and create opportunities for themselves whilst staying within their own community.

Mount Trails finance little bit to the community enhancement programs through the revenues generated by tourism. Any tour and trekking Mount Trails organized goes 5% directly to uplift the educational status of needy children of rural areas of Nepal through the Lets Go Cool