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Altitude Sickness in Nepal Himalaya

What is altitude sickness?

The higher we go the more our body adapt by breathing faster and deeper. It means the air pressure is low when we are in high altitude. The breath we take the less oxygen so the trekkers suffered from altitude sickness due to not having an extra acclimatization day while on high altitude mountain. Altitude starts to affect us from 2000 meters above.

Altitude sickness common symptoms (Acute Mountain Sickness AMS)

When we are in high…

Nepal Travel Insurance

Make a difference in the places where you are traveling 

When you travel to far out places your travel insurance is important. We highly recommend that you obtain travel insurance before traveling with us to himalayas. Please make sure you know exactly what you are covered for, as there are many adventure activities available during the tour, which may not be covered by basic travel insurance policy. Make sure that your travel insurance covers general medical expenses, hospitalizations and medical evacuations (…

The list of trekking gears

Woolen or fleece hat, sun hat for sun protection while trekking
Head torch            
Suns cream, lotion and lip balm

Warm gloves

Some pairs of T-shirts and long sleeved shirts, pull over, light flesh jacket Poncho or raincoat 
Thermal shirt for high altitude areas
Wind proof jacket, Fleece jacket or warm wool jumper
Windproof, waterproof outer shell garment for Higher altitudes
Down jacket to be recommended for…

Trip Grading

The trips we offer are graded according to difficulty, length and elevation reached.

These trips are for anyone in good health of all ages. There is no camping and only easy hiking. We do not need to have any experience. It is just a walking in Himalaya


This kind of trip is for more active travelers. Trekking involves 5-6 hours walk per day with an elevation gain occasionally of approx. 1000 ft..


More demanding trips involve…

when to visit Nepal ?

When is the best time of year to visit Nepal??

Low land plain is sub-tropical (600-1200m)
Midland hills are warm temperate (1200-2100m) and cool temperate (2100-3300m)
High mountains are Alpine (3300-5000m) and Tundra (5000-8848m).

A perfect combination of your interest, right destination and best time to travel makes your trip a lifetime travel

Nepal has tremendous variation in climates as there is a vast variation in altitude. Trek in Nepal season generally known best as two seasons after…