Village Homestay Tour

Are you seeking for an extraordinary real-life experience in Nepal? Discover the true Nepali way of life by living like a native. Staying at a local hostel is highly recommended when visiting Nepal.

Mount Trails invites you to experience a homestay tour with us in a remote but typical Nepalese village. You will be staying in a rural village, having a unique experience, and being treated as a local rather than a guest when you are in our local homestay. We provide a completely unique experience and personal journey into Nepali life.During your stay with us, you will be with local families (mountain people). This is not a luxurious trip like a city tour, but this is something special: being in a local village and getting to know the true test of how Nepali locals live happily. We will take you for two days on a local farm, where you can see how the Nepali people get their produce and live off the land. We think this trip is more interesting and fun.

While staying in the villages, guests enjoy comfortable accommodation, delicious local food, and an experience that creates memories that will last a lifetime. Many villages in Nepal are close to unspoiled natural areas where wildlife may be seen undisturbed. You will have the opportunity to interact with local families and truly experience Nepalese life through the real village tour programs. This will allow you to gain an understanding of village lifestyle, culture, and agriculture. Mount Trails offers village tour packages and homestay-based treks throughout Nepal, whenever and wherever you want, according to your interests and time constraints. Please contact us for more details.