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About Mount Trails

Looking for adventure in nature? Mount Trails has the answers and the experience to make your adventure happen.

Who are we?

Mount Trails is a Kathmandu-based trekking and tour company offering quality tour and trekking packages in Nepal. We believe that we will not have real fun in nature if we are not having an exciting and remarkable experience every time we travel around. This will open your mind to a world of fun adventure opportunities. We are committed to providing you with the best possible travel experience through our years of experience and team of expert members.We are a professional local tour company specializing in trekking, peak climbing, homestays, and cultural tours. With our expert teamwork, we are well set to offer you a smooth and tension-free travel experience to Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

We are a team of experienced members. Start your journey by getting in touch with us today.

What distinguishes us?

Our managing director, Mr. Durga KC, has been working as a trek leader in the mountains for a decade and has personally assessed over 90% of our trips in the Himalayas, including Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Some of our trips have been vetted by our local expert guides and leaders even before we started selling them.

Mount Trails offers unique adventure trekking and peak climbing in the Himalayas, renowned for the best quality of service for any package. We always strive to provide the best value for money and prioritize your safety in all aspects of your trip to ensure the best possible experience.We want you to remember the trip for being so much more than just a trip.

Mount Trails takes pride in operating with small groups and providing the best support possible to make a trip truly memorable.This includes nutritious and fresh food, comfortable accommodations, experienced and reliable field crews, and the necessary medical backup. We guarantee that your trip will be safe and successful.

  • Mount Trails is an ethical mountain trekking and tour operator based in Kathmandu.
  • Your reliable travel partner in Nepal
  • Moun Trails' trek, tour, and trekking leaders are qualified and experienced.
  • We offer fair prices and the very best value for your money.
  • We work as a team, so we provide satisfied wages to our employees so that they can support their families at the same time.
  • We always provide the best accommodation available and high-quality meals without the risk of sickness during the trip.

What are we fighting for?

Mount Trails ensures that every traveler will enjoy their trips to the fullest and be happy and safe with us. Our main direction is to provide first-class adventure holidays in a sustainable and responsible manner. We promote sustainable tourism through the preservation of the natural environment, local cultures, traditions, and heritages of Nepal by organizing tours in a socially responsible, eco-friendly, and ethical manner. We operate trips that maximize benefits to local people while minimizing any potential negative impacts to the destination.

Aside from that, Mount Trails field staff receives a variety of training and other benefits in order to bring out the best in them.Also, all of our guides and porters are fully insured.

Our guides and porters

We always believe that our incredible field crews are the foundation of our trip program's success. Our guides are highly skilled, with tons of experience in the Nepal Himalayas, history, local knowledge, and an understanding of our clients' needs. Our guides are patient and supportive, have great personalities, and are punctual while they are on the trip. We always provide the most experienced and dedicated guides and support field crews available in the Himalayas. We always select a physically fit and healthy enough trekking guide and porter to carry your bags during the trek. Our porters have good equipment that is insured, and they are well paid.

Beside tourism, Mount Trails has been helping a non-profit organization called "Lets Go Cool." We have helped public schools with libraries, clothes, bags, and other stationary facilities in Bandipur, Riepe Village, and other remote areas of Nepal. For more information, visit www.letsgocool.org.

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