Trekking with a guide in Nepal

Trekking Guides and Porters

Nepal Trekking Guides and Porters are the key of your success while trekking in Nepal. Only professional, experience trekking staffs help to make your Nepal Trip memorable. There are mostly male trekking guides and porters since female are very few number in trekking field of Nepal but we can still can arrange female trekking guide as well. 

Mount Trails is promoting and supporting local people for sustainable tourism development. Our Guides and Porters who works with us are local guides and porters from different trekking regions of Nepal. It is benefits for both trekkers and local people. As main problem sometime may happen for trekkers of hiring guide and porters from local place by themselves when we do not know them in person so Mount Trails Trekking Guide and Porters are medical and accidental insured from the company, well paid and they are fully trustable and honesty. 

Our main vision, aside from providing excellent services in trekking, is to present our clients with as much exact information about the people of Nepal, religion, culture, current situation and the country itself as possible. They have well knowladge about First Aid, Eco Trekking and Tourism, Altitude/Mountain Sickness and how to deal with it, rescue procedure and knowledgeable of local culture, local people, local tradition, religion, culture and people’s life style.  

  • No smoking, no alcoholic and responsible for their duty while they are on trek.
  • All of our guides are government license holder
  • No bargaining of wages and not begging tips (not necessary only highly suggested).
  • Informative about destination and general knowledge of Nepal 
  • Our field staffs are responsible for your safety, their duty and company

Licensed Trekking Leader or Guide

Licensed Guides in Nepal are well trained for guiding a trek and recognized by the government. They are fluent in English and other languages and have great communication skills. They should have full insurance whether they are working independently or with a trekking agency. They have well knowledge of cultural tourism and make visitors feel welcome. They help foreign visitors discover and appreciate the cultural heritage of Nepal. They can be hired for $ 25-30 per day on average.

 Trekking Guide  US $ 25 -30 Per day

Guide Cum Porter

Guide cum Porter or Porter Guide carries your bag and guides you as well. He/she may or may not be fluent in English but know basic communication in English. They have quite good experience in trekking and guiding. You can hire a porter cum guide for $ 20-25 per day on average. Their wages are significantly less than a professional guide and feasible for trekking alone.

 Guide Cum Porter   US $ 20 -25 Per day


Poerter or we call them sherpa or trekking supporter who carry your bags and other goods during trekking and walking together with you. The average load for them is 20 to 25 kilogram. Usually, one Porter between two trekkers in classical trekking route like in Everest, Annapurna, Langtang region. Trekking supporters are fully insured from trekking company and they are well equipped. You can hire a porter cum guide for $ 15-20 per day on average.

 Porter  US $ 15 -20 Per day

Inclusive - 

  • All daily wages, food, accommodation, salary, equipment, accidental insurance, clothing and medicine.


  •  We are glad to organize only a Guide, a Porter, and Guide cum Porter serve according to your requirements even you are not sign in full package program. 
  • If someone who has no license or they are not from any registered trekking company may be able to lead you through the trail and guide you on the entire trek but h/she can not pass any checkpoints or have trek permits.
  • Nepal government does not allow any person to guide a trekkers without a trekking guide license and they have no insurance covered if something happen. Thereafter, we recommend you not to hire a non licensed guide.
  • Except Guide / Guide cum Porter / Porter expenses mention above, you need to taking care yourself meals, hotel/teahouse accommodation, trekking gears, transportation for yourself and guide and porters and all applicable permits.

FAQS about Guide and Porter Service Trekking in Nepal

Can we able to meet our guide while we are in Kathmandu?

Ofcourse Yes! You will meet you guide before you start your trek. Normally, we will host a meeting with guide and porter one day before we start our trek  

Do we have to give porter one bag? Or we can give him two smaller bags?

Well, Porter will be happy to carry one big bag rather than two small bags. If you have got a rucksack, please bring with you rucksack (50 to 70 liters) which would be easier for porter to carry. But if you don’t have a rucksack, no problem brings whatever you have got. We provide duffle bag on your request by our company for the trek but need to be return after trek. 

Are your guides and porters insured?  What happens if they have an accident/emergency during the trek?

Well, this is most important question, as we are local Trekking agency, all our Guide and Porters are insured for medical and evacuation in case of emmergency. Hopefully we wont face this kind of situation ,but if in case something happen may arrangements other staff on the way, and continue to your destination. Or make decision accordingly your view. Some time we might need to be give off  rest of the trip also. But we will do our best to make successful trip.

How much tips do i have to give guide and porter?

Well, the Tips is expected and it depends on your satisfaction and according to trekking area and days. How much you are impressed with Guide and Porter’s services can give accordingly. Normally, it said 10 % from the total payments to divide them. You can give them from your inner heart. But approximately 80-100 USD for porter and 100-150 USD for Guide for 15 days trekking in Nepal.

Will our guide help us finding a accommodaiton when we go on a service trek ?

Normally, if you hire a Guide, he is taking care you and give information about trekking route, find you a best accommodation or tea houses. Normally, the tea houses will choose by guide and us according to our pervious client’s feedback. Our motto is to provide ultimate satisfaction to you throughout our services.  

What happens if our guide is injured or sick? Who will take care incase of emergency ? 

Hopefully everything will goes accordingly without any interruption. If in case, Guide become sick or injured, at the time company will responsible for them or rescued him/her from that place for further treatment, co-operating with local people and your support. We provide insurance for the Guides and Porters while they are on trek. 

Will the guide be experienced for the trekking route and speaks good English ?

All guides are professional, good english speaking level and well experienced in every trekking area. Most of our Guides and staffs are from local area that means they are well known about the trekking reigon.  To become a licensed guide, they need to participate three months Trekking Guide training conducted by Nepal Government. They need to study and practical various subjects; Culture, History, sociology, Anthropology, tourism, hospitability, Language, hiking, climbing, environment etc. I mean they are experienced for the any trekking area in Nepal.

Can I trek in Nepal without guides and porter ?

Well, for the restricted area permits you need at list a professional Government Guide. As you are curious walk alone during all the day and meet him at morning and night at tea house; guide is not only for showing trail and give information of trip, he is part of your friend, adviser as well. A lot of hiking routes in Nepal actually can hike without even a Guide. Trekking In Nepal Without a Guide can not that fun. However, in a particular area, it is mandatory to hire a Guide. 

How much can Porter guide carry? 

Well, normally porter carry 20 to 25 Kg during tea house trek. We provide one porter between 2 Trekkers. Most of the gears will carry by porter except your valuable things carrying by yourself in your day bag. 

Does the porter have his own pack or we arrnage duffel bag for the porter ? 

well, they have their own personally bag and if you make one bag between two trekkers, it would be easier for porter to carry. We can provide you duffle bag where your gears goes in it. If you could bring one yourselved that it would be great.

How much tips should we give to guide and porter?

There is no fixed amount for tips to give for the porter and guide but the major earning or saving funds is the tips for the guide/porter. They always expect tips from you. Basically its about 10 percent of the total cost spent trekking. If you are trekking solo, the rule of thumb is to tip $5 per day or equivalent for guides and $2 to $4 per day or equivalent for porters. For high altitude trekking , you can tip $10 per day for guides and $5 per day for porters.