Mount Trails - Local Expert

Why Mount Trails

Mount Trails offers dedicated service with a personal touch. We offer the best experience in tailor-made adventure treks and peak climbing with the highest standards of safety and eco-friendly, low-impact trekking. Mount Trails Pvt. Ltd. is a leading trekking company in Nepal and has been operating premier adventure activities in various hotspot destinations in Nepal. We understand the urge of every single adventure traveler's eagerness to experience various degrees of adventures in the magnificent Himalayan region of Nepal, and accordingly, we do offer some of the most incredible mountaineering and trekking tours suitable not only for hard-core mountaineers or trekkers but also for different age groups and sizes of families and children.

Mountain Trails has a team of experienced and expert tour leaders for your full satisfaction as well as delivery of standard service, whether it is the awe-inspiring and thrilling adventures in the Himalayas.In fact, we are well aware of the impact that tourism has on the communities where we run our activities. If you want to travel to the awe-inspiring Himalayan destinations and other panoramic and historical sites, heritages, and landscapes, please feel free to contact us for further details regarding adventure trips that you are interested in and social activities that we are involved in.

Mount Trails' objective is to give each of our guests with a memorable, immersive life experience that combines culture, environment, and our local expertise with exceptional customer service delivery. Our quality and our customers' reliability are the pillars of our business.

Best Price and Value

You get the best price and a guarantee on better value. We are a local expert, so we do not have any hidden charges. Mount Trails does not claim to be the cheapest, but we do believe we offer very good value.

Local Experts

The founders (Durga KC) and Mount Trails Experts Team have worked in the field of tourism for more than 15 years, so we have local-based knowledge and experience. We believe in bringing local-based expert knowledge and experience to you at the grass-roots level. This is supported by international-based standards of professionalism and delivery.

You get what you pay for.

Getting the best price is great, but getting the best value is even better. There is no middleman here; you have direct contact with us for the best service and price. Our business is established and registered in Nepal, and we have local experts in the company. We guarantee you better value and experience.

Listen to me carefully.

From the first conversation, we tailored it to your interests. You can rely on your specialist to plan your trip exactly the way you want it.Mount Trails ensures that you travel in a safe and comfortable manner by providing privately guided experiences.Our team is standing by 24/7 to assist.

Organize private and group adventures.

We handle all levels of complexity in group adventures and trekking.Do let us know exactly what you and your group are looking for, and we can help customize the perfect trip with the best deal as per your time and interests based on your group's size or needs.

A trip designed for your family

Trekking is a great way to spend a family vacation. What better way to get the kids away from all the modern gadgets and into the heart of nature? We can design a trip that's perfect for your entire family.

Your safety, trust, and satisfaction

Mount Trails is dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy your holiday with us. With more than 15 years of experience in the tourism sector, we have the resources to ensure that your holiday is pleasant and trouble-free. When you travel with us, you can be assured that we have you covered. Mount Trails' committed in-house and field crew members will look after your health and safety every step of the way. You will be able to trek at your own pace with the support of your experienced trek and tour leader. We will plan ahead to ensure that you reach your goals safely and comfortably from the start to the end of the trip.