Our Team

  • Durga KC

    Durga KC

    Team Leader ( Trek and Tour Operator )

    Mr.Durga KC is a Trek and Tour expert operator in Mount Trails. Durga loves his country and has many years of experience and a determination to share it with others led me to a career in travel and tourism. Firstly,he completed two years of travel and tourism studies and graduated from Travel and Tourism University by taking Tourism a major. He then joined different trekking and tour companies as a Manager and gained experiences in hospitality fields as well as organizing small and private individuals trekking and tours. His years in the travel industry experiences, he became a expert trek and tour leader, operator and striking tour / trek packages as per guest time and interest. He loves trekking and eager to pass on his knowledge and expertise to the clients. Durga operates and organizes all trip, logistics working directly with the local guides to ensure everyone's trip goes off without no problem. He previously has over 10 years experience in the travel industry having worked for leading travel companies in the Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. 

    Primary Language: Nepali 

    Languages Spoken: English | Japanese | Chinese 

  • Kumar Bogati

    Kumar Bogati


    Kumar Botagi helps coordinate and plan trips as well as work directly with our field staffs ( Trekking leaders, Guides and Porters ). He has not been on field all around Nepal but he hand picks the best guide guides as per the clients interest and need and brings a wealth of local knowledge and experience to our management team and Mount Trails. In his spare time he go out on trips with guests for authentic homestay, day hiking in Nepal.  

    Primary Language: Nepali 

    Languages Spoken: English 

  • Sudin Khadka

    Sudin Khadka

    Sales / Operation Manager

    Sudin Khadka has completed his bachelors Level in Journalism. When Sudin complected his bacholr degree, he was assigned  as an assistance manager at Mount Trails. He has deep knowledge and experience in eco-tourism as this has been her background area of study which has become the base of public relations with guest who visits in the office. He seeks to develop her fluency in English and well as Chinese. Sudin is a young, energetic, and an intelligent who enjoys serving others and make the holiday mroe wonderful and memoriable. Sudhin works as Operation Manager on overall management, for all public relations tasks, is responsible for organizing tour groups to different trekking destinations in Nepal. He is also involved in social services for giving to those are behind their lives with Lets Go Cool 

    Primary Language: Nepali 

    Languages Spoken: English | Chinese 


  • Hem Tamang

    Hem Tamang

    Trek Leader

    Training Obtained Trekking Guide Training from NATHM. (Grade A in 2009)

    Language Proficiency: English (Fluent), Hindi (Fluent), French (basic)

    Mr. Hem takes both pride and pleasure in offering excellent service to our guests and is very capable and courteous. Mr. Hem started his career in tourism industry as a porter and able to establish himself as a senior trekking leader now who has 12 years of field experience. His main concern is travelers satisfaction and pleasure during the trekking. His depth knowledge of trekking trails, mountains, geographical location, local culture, festivals and tradition helps tourist to explore the hidden secrecy of the places and enjoy a lot in trekking. We are proud to be Mr. Hem as a part of our Mount Trails Team 

    Trekking Experiences

    Field Experience in Himalayas: 12 Years 

    Everest Region | Annapurna Region | Langtang Region | Dhaulagiri Region | Dolpa Region | Upper Mustang | Kanchenjunga Region | Manaslu Region

  • Sun Bahadur Tamang

    Sun Bahadur Tamang

    Trekking Guide

    Training Obtained Trekking Guide Training from NATHM. (Grade A in 2008)

    Language Proficiency: Nepali (Fluent), English (Fluent), Hindi (Fluent)

    Sun Bahadur Tamang has been guiding in Himalayas for over 11 years. He has a wealth of local knowledge, both historical and cultural in Nepal.Being blessed with pleasant and charming behavior, he has been able to get along very well with all his fellow travelers. He absolutely loves to show mighty Himalayas sharing his experience with trekkers. Before being guide, he worked as an assistant Sherpa guide in few trekking companies and now he is woakring with Mount Trails. He understanding of the locales, provide quality service classifies him as one of the best guides we have in Mount Trails. 

    Trekking Experiences

    Field Experience in Himalayas: 11 Years

    Everest Region | Annapurna Region | Langtang Region | Dhaulagiri Region | Dolpa Region | Upper Mustang | Manaslu Region 

  • Chuda Mani Giri

    Chuda Mani Giri

    Trek Leader

    Training ObtainedTrekking Guide Training from NATHM. (Grade A in 2009)

    Language Proficiency: English 

    Mr Chuda Mani has over 10 years of experience trekking in himalayas. He got grade A from guide training trained by the Ministry of Nepal Tourism. He efficiently commences trips and is responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of our clients. With a good command over the English language and effective communication, he assures a pleasant journey towards your destination. His sense of humor, way of communicating with guests , a sound knowledge of local areas and the respect and responsibilities to the clientalways makes the trip memorable  

    Trekking Experiences

    Field Experience in Himalayas: 13 Years

    Everest Region | Annapurna Region | Langtang Region | Dhaulagiri Region | Dolpa Region | Upper Mustang | Manaslu Region  

  • Dil Raj Giri

    Dil Raj Giri

    Trekking Guide

    Training Obtained Trekking Guide Training from NATHM. (Grade A in 2009)

    Language Proficiency: Nepali (Fluent), English (Fluent), Hindi (Fluent)

    Dil Raj has over 10 years field working experience in himalayas as well as in travel and tourism. His many years in this field has made him the expert trekking Guide throughout the the himalayas. With his professional personality, he brings deep knowledge and insight about sites and cultural settings while on the trip. He started his career in tourism industry as a porter and able to establish himself as a senior and respected trekking guides in Mount Trails today. His depth knowledge of  and trekking trails which he has been, mountains, geographical location, local culture, festivals and tradition helps tourist to explore the hidden secrecy of the places and enjoy a lot in trekking while he is with group. 

    Trekking Experiences

    Field Experience in Himalayas: 13 Years

    Everest Region | Annapurna Region | Langtang Region | Dhaulagiri Region | Dolpa Region | Upper Mustang 

  • Dipendra Giri

    Dipendra Giri

    Trekking Guide

    Mr Dipendra Giri ( Dip ) is an energetic trekking guide with experience of 7 years as a trekking guide in Nepal Himalayas. He is graduated from TU in the tourism management field. He is fluent in English. Mr Dip is nephew of Chuda Mani Giri who is aslo Trekking leader of Mount Trails, so most of the character is similar to Chuda. He is helpful, funny and helpful with deep knowledge of Nepalese culture and trek tour of Himalayas. He has led many trekking routtes from Mount Trails as a Trekking Guide. Mr Dipendra got positive feedback from our previous guests whom he escorted as a guide so he is good trek guide of Mount Trails. 

  • Tshiring Sherpa

    Tshiring Sherpa

    Trekking Guide

    Tshiring Sherpa is one of our dedicated and experienced trekking guides in Mount Trails.  Mr. Sherpa raised on the foothills of Himalayas. He has had successful trekking adventures to  almost all tourist trekking regions such as  Annapurna, Everest, Manaslu, Island Peaks and many other trekking destinations. He worked as a porter for couple of few years and got experienced enough to lead a group with proper knowledge about the local culture and traditions. Mr. Sherpa has been involved as trekking guide for the past 3 years. You are definitely in safe hands when you are with a trekking guide as professional as Tshering Sherpa who has travelled all over Nepal Himalayas. 

  • Krishna Gurung

    Krishna Gurung

    Trekking Guide

    Krishna Gurung is a professional trekking guide in most popular trekking region in Nepal. He has done the Everest, Annapurna and Langtang many times alo has done some of the hard pass trek in himalayas. He loves his work so much and would  love to show  Himalayas sharing his experience with trekking around the world. He is Fluent in English and trained from Nepal Tourism Department. Before being guide, he worked as a perter and upgrated to an assistant Sherpa guide in few trekking companies and now he is working at Mount Trails Trekking and Adventures. we have been getting good feedback about his work from our clients. 

  • Raj Tamang

    Raj Tamang

    Trekking Guide

    Raj started his career as a porter in Tourism industry. He is now working with Mount Trails Trekking and Adventures as a guide. Raj is one of the energetic young persons who believe in serving tourist in friendly environment. He has got licensed from the Ministry of tourism and civil aviation, Nepal in 2015. 

  • Kumod Adhikari

    Kumod Adhikari

    Tour Guide

    Kumod work with Mount Trails as a city guide with his longtime experience and vast knowledge. He has been actively working in the field of tourism in Nepal for may years of expereince. Mr. Kumod joined with Mount Trails since 2 years as a city expert guide. He has the ability to give the introduction and information of any places in a very easy and understandable manner. Very polite and gentle in nature, he loves to explore the country culture, architecture, customs, tradition, religion, and people. And so did he wants for the travelers with him. He has deep knowledge of Nepal’s world heritage site, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Monkey temple, Patan Durbar Square, Katmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar square and many more.

    Training Obtained Tour Guide Training from NATHM. (Grade A in 2010)

    Tour Guide Experience: 9 years

    Primary Language: Nepali 

    Languages Spoken: English 

    Guiding Locations:  Bhaktapur | Kathmandu | Pokhara | Nagarkot | Bandipur | Chitwan | Lumbini | Gorkha | Bandipur 

  • Hari Pandey

    Hari Pandey

    Tour Guide

    Hari was born in Nuwakot but raised in Kathmandu. He has done Master’s in Business study but his passion has always been for history, culture and geography and share his experience to otheres.  Mr Pandey has been involved in the tourism sector since 2012, Hari has also been trained in the Tourist Guide Training Course from Nepal Academy of Tourism & Hotel Management and also a member of Tourist Guide Association of Nepal. Experience your Nepal Tour with one of the expert, well-educated, trained, experienced, passionate and multi-talented tourist guides of Mount Trails. 

    Training Obtained Tour Guide Training from NATHM. (Grade A in 2012)

    Tour Guide Experience: 8 years

    Primary Language: Nepali 

    Languages Spoken: English 

    Guiding Locations:  Bhaktapur | Kathmandu | Pokhara | Nagarkot | Bandipur | Chitwan | Lumbini | Gorkha 

  • Ang Ringi Sherpa

    Ang Ringi Sherpa

    Climbing Guide

    Mr. Ang Ringi Sherpa is one of the best experience fluent English speaking trekking and mountain Climbing guide in Mount Trails. He is from Khumbu Region. Since 2013, Mr. Ringi has been working in our agency as a senior climbing guide with many experiences of high passes and peak climbing in himalayas. He is the honest, loyal and familiar in any trekking and mountaineering in Nepal.

    Training Obtained Nepal Mountaineering Association in 2005

    Tour Guide Experience: 14 years

    Primary Language: Nepali 

    Languages Spoken: English 

    Climbing Experiences: Mera Peak Climbing – 6461mIsland Peak Climbing – 6189m | Yala Peak Climbing – 5500m | Tent Peak Climbing – 5663m | Lobuche East Peak Climbing – 6145m | Lobuche West Peak Climbing – 6145m | Chulu East Peak Climbing – 6419m | Chulu West Peak Climbing – 6584m | Ramdung Peak Climbing – 5925m | Naya Kanga Peak Climbing – 5844m | Pisang Peak Climbing – 6091m | Singu Chuli Peak Climbing – 6501m.