Nepal Travel Insurance

Nepal Travel Insurance

Make a difference in the places where you are traveling. 

When you travel to far out places your travel insurance is important. We highly recommend that you obtain travel insurance before traveling with us to himalayas. Please make sure you know exactly what you are covered for, as there are many adventure activities available during the tour, which may not be covered by basic travel insurance policy. Make sure that your travel insurance covers general medical expenses, hospitalizations and medical evacuations ( helicopter rescue from the hight altutude ).

Also ensure that you are covered for travel at high altitudes if necessary for your trip. If you have the correct travel insurance you can rest assured that you will be covered for most things. Travel insurance will protect your trip from a variety of things, for example if you get injured before your trip and are unable to attend, in most cases travel insurance will cover medical and rescue costs abroad, damage or loose of your gear and equipment and many other issue that might arrive enexpected side. Certain countries like Nepal, require travel insurance.

Personal travel insurance is must have when you are travelling to Nepal and doing trekking, climbing and expedition. In most of those areas activities such as rafting, Bunjy and paragliding are restricted without having insurance.

Is Travel insurance compulsory to do trekking, climbing or expedition in Nepal? or What should be covered on travel insurance policy when we are on advneture ?

The personal travel insurance is must when you are travelling to Nepal and doing trekking, climbing and Expedition or any other adventure activities in Nepal. You need to have travel insurance however there are many types of travel insurance policies and they all come with an incredible amount of fine print so, you need to very clearly that what is covered and not covered on the policy that you are going to buy and we have given some idea about what should the insurance policy cover.

High Altitude Sickness

Most of the trekking in Nepal including Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek or any climbing and Expedition involved high mountain trek and there is always rick of high altitude sickness while you are on those treks or expeditions so, you need to ask your insurance company to provide the policy that cover High Altitude Sickness and you should know that where you are trekking or climbing and how high are the trekking routes are and the policy should cover the evacuation by the Helicopter in emergency.


No one want to have accidents while they are on travel however it happens even we do not want and there is always rick of accidents on Nepal mountain trekking and climbing so, the policy should cover those accidents and when the emergency evacuation is needed.


Travelling in places like Nepal always have probability of illness as your body is usually not adapted to the food or hygiene levels, so, you need to make sure that your insurance policy covers  in the case of illness while you trek and needed to evacuate for the further treatment.

Stolen, Lost or Delayed Baggage

It is familiar to all the travelers that some times the arrival of your baggage is delay and you will not find it on your arrival at airports, or they can be lost some times and even stolen so your travel insurance should cover on your these loss.

Other General subjects

There is delay or even cancelation on Nepal domestic flights  mostly in the mountain parts such as Lukla while going for Everest Base Camp Trek or Jomsom and other mountain flights due to bad weather even by a day or 2 so, your travel insurance should cover the expenses raised by these delays or even some times we need to take private helicopter flights and it is not cheap in Nepal and the policy should cover these cost and if in case your travel to Nepal need to cancel cause of some reason that are beyond our control such as natural disaster or political unrest etc.. and your travel policy should cover your trip cost that you would have been already paid as well.

Note: Mount Trails is a certified provider for our field criews cover their  travel insurance while they are on trip.

Some of the Remomended Travel insurance companies


Travel Insurance Direct |
Ph- +61 2 9234 3123
Email- [email protected] | [email protected]
Cover Travel Insurance |[email protected]
Within Australia: 1300 192 021 |From overseas: (+) 61 2 9235 0222
International SOS
Cover More Travel Insurance


World Nomad- (Keep Travelling Safely)
Mondial Assistance
TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd.
Travel Guard
1.866.648.8422 (Canada) | 1.800.826.1300 (USA)


British Mountaineering Council- BMC INSURANCE
PH- 44(0) 161 445 6111
First Assist Services Limited
Telephone 01455 251155
Fax +44 (0)1455 254001


Europ Assistance
+33 (0) 1 58 34 23 00
IHI Bupa
Call at- +45 33 15 33 00 or email at- [email protected]


World Nomad- (Keep Travelling Safely)
PH- 603 2053 5898

NOTE - Above suggested insurance companies are just for recommendation for your kind knowledge which is recommended by our previous travellers. You could review their update insurance policy by contacting them directly and if you buy the insurance with them, you are responsible to check the policy and coverage by yourself, Mount Trails do not take any responsibility on any of their policies and the coverage.