Trekking in Nepal

Nepal Trip Grading

The trips we offer are graded according to difficulty, length and elevation reached.


These trips are for anyone in good health of all ages. There is no camping and only easy hiking. We do not need to have any experience. It is just a walking in Himalaya


This kind of trip is for more active travelers. Trekking involves 5-6 hours walk per day with an elevation gain occasionally of approx. 1000 ft..


More demanding trips involve 5-7 hours per day with gains elevation of about 2000 ft per day at high altitude.  We should be in good physical shape, good health and physical condition for cross over passes and rustic accommodation. Previous camping/ hiking experience are strongly recommended


For the true adventurers. We can spend between 14 to 20 days trekking/camping /peak climbing, with camping night. Hiking at altitudes up to 17,000 feet will often be strenuous, with substantial elavation gains and descents. These trips are recommended for people who are in excellent physical condition and at the same time who want the true adventure on their holiday. Some of these trips also include the option to climb peaks as high as 20,000 feet of moderate technical snow climbing difficulty. Previous climbing experience is necessary for the optional parts of these trips.