Trekking in Nepal

Nepal Trip Grading

Nepal has numerous trekking and adventure trips starting from easy to difficult grade. It is very important to gain some trekking and adventures information of Nepal on basis of adventure level on internationally accepted standard. Nepal is a paradise for all travel and adventure lovers. Whatever your level of fitness and experience, trip to nepal would be on your bucket list. We have put together trip grading to help you find your perfect adventure on based of your experience.

The trips we offer are graded according to difficulty, length and elevation reached. 

Easy or Leisurely

Easy trips are usually suitable for anyone in good health of all ages travellers with no previous multi-day walking experience. The easy tour or trekking in nepal involves no difficult climb or ascent to high altitudes but includes some drive and is suitable for most people for about a week walking in himalaya.

  • Low Level of Fitness
  • Previous Experience is not require. Those who did not have previous experience but interest in easy walking in the mountains.
  • No Technical
  • Altitudes 2000m (6,500ft) to 3500m (11483 ft)
  • Duration 2-5 days 

Moderate or Medium

Moderate trips is for more active travelers. Trekking involves about 7 hours walk per day with an elevation gain occasionally of approx.1000 ft. Travellers with some previous mountain walking experience can go for medium-hard or Moderate trips in the himalays. Generally moderate level of trips involves ascending up to altitudes of between 4,500 meters to 5,500 meters. 

  • Previous hiking or camping experience is preferable on this level of trips
  • Medium Fitness Level who want to spend 1-2 weeks in the mountains, and have a moderate level of physical fitness.
  • No technicality, steep hilly terrain on usually rough trails
  • Up to 5500m (18,044ft) altitudes and 500-700m of ascent a day.
  • Duration, 10-12 days trips and about 7 hours walk

Strenuous or Hard 

Previous camping and hiking experience are strongly recommended for strenuous level of trips. We should be in good physical shape, good health and physical condition for cross over passess up in the mountain.Travellers seeking for real adventures should try such trips. Hard or strenuous trek involves some steep ascents to high altitudes more than 5,000 meters with a possibility of rope assisted climbing. Trekkers will also need strong stamina to complete one of these wild treks that may last for more than two weeks treks to 25 days.

  • Previous trekking experience, physical fitness and a positive attitude are essential.
  • Above average level of fitness is require and who are looking for a challenging experience physically and technically, and have an above average level of physical fitness.
  • Steep hilly terrain on rough trails and occasional high passes. Glacier, snow crossings, remote environments and technical. Along the route sometimes we have to fixed ropes, use crampons and ice ax as well.
  • Up to 5500 M (18,044ft), about 800 M altitude gain per day
  • Duration from 2 weeks to 16 days and about 7 hours walk

Difficult or Challenging

For the true adventurers trekking, camping or peak climbing with camping night for difficult and challenging level of trips. Hiking at altitudes up to 17,000 feet will often be strenuous, with substantial elavation gains and descents. These trips are recommended for people who are in excellent physical condition and at the same time who want the true adventure on their holiday. Some of these trips also include the option to climb peaks as high as 20,000 feet of moderate technical snow climbing difficulty. Previous climbing experience is necessary for the optional parts of these trips.