• Everest Base Camp Trek Weather

    Everest Base Camp Trek WeatherAdventure

    August, 10, 2018

    Everest Base Camp Weather condition and  Trekking Seasons Everest Base Camp weather and the seasons below are categorized according  to four major seasons which are as follows.  You can trek in any season with proper preparation during the whole year. In Nepal, there are 4 seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter season.The month March to May is spring, June…

  • Everest Base Camp Trek in the Monsoon Season

    Everest Base Camp Trek in the Monsoon SeasonAdventure

    June, 25, 2018

    The monsoon season in Nepal falls between June and August. It is also when “summer” happens to be – so the warmest period of the year for the region and an obvious perk for those who fear the chill in alpine regions. I was repeatedly told it simply isn’t the best time to trek, much less to Everest Base…

  • Trekking Information In Nepal

    Trekking Information In NepalAdventure

    January, 26, 2017

    WHAT IS TREKKING IN HIMALAYA ? Trekking is an adventure walking multi days and climbs on Mounttrails . The trails is usually fairly steep, and we will likely encounter snow more higher we hike to high altitudes ( 5500 M / 18000 Ft ) WHAT IS TREKKING FOR ?  Trekking is for everyone who…

  • Nepal Came out No.1 the best destination in travel world 2017

    Nepal Came out No.1 the best destination in travel world 2017Nature

    January, 17, 2017

    Nepal is bouncing back from earthquakes and a fuel strike that made getting round the country tough. It remains a fabulous choice for budget-conscious travellers, who can access the best of its world-famous trekking routes and underrated wildlife for well south of US$50 a day. Visitor numbers are slowly recovering and the time is ripe to get back to Nepal’s…

  • Why Khambu Trek

    Bandipur Homestay in NepalNature

    June, 04, 2016

    The ancient Newari settlement of Bandipur is one hill station with richness of its beauty and architecture. Experience authentic homestay in Nepal ( Bandipur Homestay ) at Bandipur .  Its pagoda roofs, latticework windows and stone-paved streets are also the most attraction in local town. The dwellings are in the form of compact town houses, built of brick often with ornate windows and…