Mount Trails

Adventure Travel Insurance

Make a difference in the places where you are traveling 

When you travel to far out places your travel insurance is important. We highly recommend that you obtain travel insurance before traveling with us to himalayas. Please make sure you know exactly what you are covered for, as there are many adventure activities available during the tour, which may not be covered by basic travel insurance policy. Make sure that your travel insurance covers general medical expenses, hospitalizations and medical evacuations ( helicopter rescue from the hight altutude ) 

Also ensure that you are covered for travel at high altitudes if necessary for your trip. If you have the correct travel insurance you can rest assured that you will be covered for most things. Travel insurance will protect your trip from a variety of things, for example if you get injured before your trip and are unable to attend, in most cases travel insurance will cover medical and rescue costs abroad, damage or loose of your gear and equipment and many other issue that might arrive enexpected side. Certain countries like Nepal, require travel insurance.


Mount Trails Adventures is a certified provider for our field criews cover their  travel insurance while they are on trip.